DokuWiki Plugin Reveal.js

My contributions to an existing DokuWiki slideshow plugin

DokuWiki is very good for creating documentation in a team. It is PHP based, needs less resources and is running without a database only on files on nearly every webserver. If your infrastructure is crashed for whatever reason and you have at least access to the files (on the webserver or in a backup) you can read your documentation with a simple text editor, because DokuWiki's syntax is designed to be readable as possible without any rendering to HTML.

For the APEX connect 2015 I started to use Markdown and Pandoc to create HTML based slides. Pandoc supports different HTML slideshow tools - two of them are also available as plugins in DokuWiki: S5 and Reveal.js. Reveal.js is the more modern library and I used this one together with Pandoc.

For the DOAG conference last year I tried to use Reveals.js as a DokuWiki Plugin - I wanted to have at the same time a normal wiki page and the possibility to render this page as a slideshow. Unfortunately the existing plugin was only a base implementation and many features from Reveal.js were not available. I decided to contribute to the existing plugin. The list of my improvements is long - I had fun and learned a lot. The plugin can be found here on the DokuWiki homepage.

Happy presenting :-)

P.S.: In the meantime I switched complete to Markdown and Jekyll, a static site generator - but this is another story for another post …