APEX Plugin dhtmlxGantt

HTML5 Gantt chart based on dhtmlx.com library


Some weeks ago I was asked, if I can create a plugin for the Gantt chart library from dhtmlx.com. I had a look at the library and I thought that it should be possible.

Because all my plugin developments are free time projects it took a while. Now the first public version is available. It is based on the GPLv2 version of the library, which has a reduced set of functionality. If you need advanced features like milestones, auto scheduling or calculating the critical path you can buy a Pro version of the library. I have no relation to the company behind dhtmlx.com, so please do not complain. As I told before I was asked for this plugin (which will be used in a Pro version there…) and I like the visualization from DHTMLX.

You can find the sources and more informations on GitHub and a online demo on apex.oracle.com.

Maybe the plugin is helpful for someone else…

Happy project planning :-)